Nokia 5310 XpressMusic Mobile Phone


With a sexy slim aluminum finish the NOKIA 5310 XpressMusic mobile phone offers a fusion of features with a stunning design. This masterpiece weighs a mere 71 grams and is just 9.9 mm thick. This phone fits easily in your pocket or in your purse.


The design is a block shape, compact, and very sleek. This fashionable little phone comes in a grayish-black metallic color and is outlined in a choice of colors like orange, red, purple. The main QVGA screen is large 240 x 320 px and bright with 16.7 million colors which cover the top half front of the phone. At the lower half are the standard keypad and its five-way navigation keys. This Nokia 5310 XpressMusic has a 2.0 mega-pixel camera. The two edges have the three music buttons (rewind, fast forward and play/pause) and the volume switch. The camera lens is on the back of the phone. In the box, you will find Charger, 800 mAh Li-Lon Battery, Data Cables, User Manual, and Quick Start Guide.


The Nokia 5310 Mobile mainly focuses on music. With that in mind, its camera is pretty good with 2.0 mega-pixels and also features a 4x zoom lens and video recorder. Another feature that offers the user is the ability to customize your cell phone photos. It has a self-timer of 3, 5, or 10 sec, Color Effects and White Balance. The orientation of the screen can be changed from portrait to landscape and vice versa. You can also change the size of the image and videos. They also come in three qualities Basic, Normal and High. This modern phone takes very impressive photos for a music phone. The pictures are clear, bright, and customized ready to be used as your wallpaper. Check out below photos taken from Nokia 5310 XpressMusic built-in camera courtesy of

Photo Taken From Nokia 5310 Picture From Nokia 5310 XpressMusic Street View By Nokia 5310 Building Picture By Nokia 5310 XpressMusic


The main use of any phone is communication. The Nokia 5310 Mobile offers ample standard features to achieve this. Included is a phonebook, voicemail, many phone profiles, and much more. The phonebook has an abundance of features. The phone has storage space for 2000 contacts. The five-way navigation button is easy to access the menu, text messaging, phonebook, a voice recorder, and IM. The menu button is accessed by the left key which is customizable with every feature on this phone.


Just as any blocked phone it has one screen with an outstanding 16.7 million colors TFT screen and measures 240 x 320 px with a light sensor to adjust the brightness. The phone is set the standard with three themes.


The standard features on this music player are up to par. Songs can be sorted by Artist, Album, Playlist, or Genre. The setting menu lets users repeat or shuffle songs, set different skins, and adjust the knob on its equalizer. You will be able to use MP3, AAC, WMA, MP4, and eAAc+ type of music files. Music from your computer is also supported. The music player also is able to play the Video files. The phone is preloaded with some nice music also. The phone’s speaker is of excellent quality. If you tired of listening to your songs stored on the phone then you can tune in to FM radio. Users can download ringtones from T-Mobile’s T-Zones stores.


The Nokia 5310 XpressMusic comes with standard features of messaging. It has predictive text, picture and video messaging. The user will be able to add almost anything to their messages such as images, sound clips, videos, business cards, calendar notes, themes, text templates, and a streaming link. You will be pleasantly satisfied with your texting experience from the Nokia5310. You can also use your phone for emails and IM. You will be able to access your account from many providers such as AOL, AIM, Yahoo, Gmail, Comcast, Earthlink, Compuserve, HotPOP, NetZero, Mac, Juno, and Verizon. IM users have a choice between Window Live, ICQ, AIM, and Yahoo!


The Nokia5310 comes with J2ME demo games four in all. Millionaire, Bowling, Poker and Survive High School. These games do expire but can be downloaded for a fee.


The Nokia5310 connects to the Internet through GPRS/EDGE. You will be able to browse the net by using T-Mobile’s T-MOBILE web browser. The phone is preloaded with T-Mobile’s store T-Zones to allow users to easily download music, ringtones, videos, games, and many other multimedia files. Browsing is fast and easy and is very convenient at the tip of your fingers.


With an 860 mAh Li-Lon battery, the Nokia 5310 XpressMusic has an approximate 5.4 hours talk time with a standby time of 300 hours. It comes with a 1 GB microSD card and a microSD/Transflash expandable memory which is available separately. As a bonus, the phone also comes with headphones, a mini speaker, and USB cables.


The Nokia5310 comes with a USB cable to fit the USB port. These cables can be used on your PC to sort transfer and manage files. The UBS cable is a handy device included since the phone lacks the feature of synchronization with the computer via Bluetooth. A2DP, HSP, and HFP include the Bluetooth profile which gets audio from the phone to the headphone or the hands-free set.


This is a sleek modern music mobile that is made to keep the user entertained and truly keeps up to that standard. If you, not a music fanatic then the Nokia 5310 Mobile will impress you with some of its other interesting features. Its compact size, lightweight, and amazing features made it very popular. It packs all features for all types of users.

Nokia 5310 XpressMusic FEATURES

Slim block with aluminum panels and sleek modern design outlined with the two-color combination of your choice. Experience more from the music player in crystal clear audio. You will have 18 hours of playback. Switch directly to music with a dedicated key for music. You can enjoy up to 3000 of your favorite tunes at all times. Make memories and share those special moments with friends by capturing those shots with the 2-megapixel camera. You can easily change from music player to FM radio by plugging speakers or headphones into your 3.5mm AV plug.

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