Nokia 808 Pureview 41 MP Camera SmartphoneFirst things first! Nokia 808 PureView might be a normal Smartphone from outside, but the camera quality it offers is astounding at 41 megapixels. Can you imagine that on a normal mobile phone? Maybe not! Adding jazz to the ensemble is a full HD 1080p recording capability which makes Nokia 808 PureView stand out from the rest of the smartphones available in the market. Let us have a detailed look at the features and specifications of the phone.

To be frank, the design of Nokia 808 PureView is nothing great. The statement is based on the fact that the design is not unique or futuristic. The plastic build of the handsets reminds us of some of the basic smartphones of Nokia, thus lending a somewhat shabby and unsophisticated look to the phone. Well, in that scenario, what would force or push someone to buy something which is not-so-sleek-looking in today’s appearance-obsessed world? The reason to buy this handset must be 100% attributed to the scintillating camera which comes along with it. A 41 Megapixels camera is no child’s play. It could be used even for professional photography effortlessly. How comfortable it would be to carry such a superb quality camera in your pocket or handbag? Although the label says 41 MP, in reality we will be able to take pictures up to 34 MP and can zoom it to unbelievable levels. There are several commendable settings of Nokia 808 PureView, such as the ISO Levels which can be varied to even 1600, thus making it a proper substitute for the traditional camera. The picture quality thus provided by the handset is spectacular, with no or very less noise or pixellation.

Coming to the other features, Nokia 808 PureView boasts of Dolby headphone technology accompanying Nokia Rich Recording Mic technology. This feature will allow you the luxury of capturing sounds in the handset with least interference. The smartphone possesses a 4-inch camera. Having the camera as a prominent feature, you might have expected the screen to be a bit bigger. Nevertheless, the images are clear, bright, and sharp, offering us very little room to complain regarding the same. The processor that runs inside this state-of-the-art product is a single-core 1.3 Ghz one. Although it does not have one of those super-efficient processors, the user interface offered by the handset operates extremely well. On the other hand, the time taken to load the camera is not that swift. This is certainly a minus for a product which is known predominantly for its camera quality.

All said and done, Nokia 808 PureView could well be the market leader amongst the Symbian range of phones. Now with the Android phenomenon booming in the market, there might not be many takers for a Symbian phone. But, when a pioneer brand like Nokia introduces a product like 808 PureView, which boasts of a superior quality camera which is not seen in many smartphones, the gamble of purchasing it would certainly be worth it. As for the appearance, it may not be a classy looking phone. But, where usability is concerned, Nokia 808 PureView is something extremely dishy! As it is said, to judge a book, not by its story, but its cover, is something undesirable. Go for this product, which showcases top-of-the-heap technology, albeit in a simple appearance and exterior.

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