What To Expect On The Samsung Galaxy S IV

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The highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S IV or better known as Samsung I9500 Galaxy S4 is expected to be released on 26th April 2013 according to gsmarena.com. Many have been waiting for this new Samsung smartphone to be available for purchase on the market. So before that, let's take a…

Nokia 114 Dual Sim Phone For Elderly People

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nokia 114 dual sim phone
For those of you who are looking for an affordable mobile phone to give to your elderly parents. The Nokia 114 would be your wiser choice.  Besides having a fresher looks on its design, this phone also has a quality keypads which are larger and bigger, suitable for the elderly…

Sony Xperia E – Entry-Level Android Smartphone

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sony xperia e
If you're looking for an entry-level Android smartphone, the Sony Xperia E is definitely one of your best choices. This smartphone has a low to medium price range. Even though this device is on a medium-end category but it still offers some functions of high-end device such as its 3.5…

Smartphones Mobile Technology Trend Of 2012

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For some of you who are crazy about the rapid advancement of smartphone's technology, you might ask yourself how many times did you changed your smartphone during 2012, some of you might never changed it but surely did owned more than 1 smartphone under you pocket :) Let us take…

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 – Larger View! More Power! Simply Amazing!

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samsung galaxy note 2 smartphone review
  This phone cum tablet has drawn inspiration from its highly successful predecessor the Galaxy S3. The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is packed with twice the processing power, a sizzling screen and a mega battery. You might feel these are reasons enough to make the second generation Samsung phones worth…

HTC Desire SV Dual SIM Smartphone Review

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HTC Desire SV Dual Sim Phone
HTC Desire SV is a dual sim phone which comes with a brilliant and striking clear 480x800 resolution in 4.3 inch super LCD2. Just like what HTC said "get ready to experience life with twice the possibilities" , this smartphone is powered by a Dual Core 1GHz processor which makes…

Windows Smartphone Nokia Lumia 900

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Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Smartphone
Nokia Lumia 900 is one of the latest and most advanced Nokia’s smartphone that was released few months ago. They advertised it as "Bigger, Faster and more Powerful"  than its predecessors. It was commercially available in the US back on April 2012, but it was only available here in Malaysia on…

Nokia 808 Pureview 41 MP Camera Smartphone Review

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Nokia 808 Pureview 41 MP Camera Smartphone
First things first! Nokia 808 PureView might be a normal Smartphone from outside, but the camera quality it offers is astounding at 41 megapixels. Can you imagine that on a normal mobile phone? Maybe not! Adding jazz to the ensemble is a full HD 1080p recording capability which makes Nokia…

HTC EVO 4G Android Smartphone Review

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HTC EVO 4G Android Smartphone
HTC has always been a brand which has brought out new revolutions in the Smartphone market. HTC EVO 4G is one such exemplary product from the brand, which is the first WiMax-enabled Smartphone introduced in the Unites States. HTC EVO 4G boasts of a 4.3 inch display which is comfortable…

How to reset HTC EVO 3D to its factory settings

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reset htc evo 3d
I was playing with my friend's HTC EVO 3D smartphone the other day. I played games, downloaded some applications, watched some videos, etc. All of the sudden, his HTC EVO 3D went haywire on me, so we need to reset his HTC EVO smartphone to its factory settings. Please be…