portable wearable air conditioner reon pocket
Japan known for creating unique and portable gadget. Today, Sony Japan announced they are crowdfunding a device that will mostly benefit countries that have steaming and hot weather, with the escalation of temperature around the world, this couldn’t come in better time.

portable wearable air conditioner reon pocket 2
The wearable air conditioner, Reon Pocket supposedly smaller and lighter than smartphone. Its function is by attaching the device inside undershirt, similar to body patch but this patch to shirt around your neck area, and it will automatically deliver cool or warm air through its panel. You can let it auto detect the surround temperature or switch between its function either a heater, for cold temperature or air conditioner, for days of scorching hot temperature.

According to Sony Japan, the Reon Pocket is 50% from its target amount of 66,000,000 yen (about USD600,000). Unfortunately, Reon Pocket release will only limited to Japan only for now. However with the surging demand for air cooler, this product will definitely grab the attention of investors from all over countries where hot temperature rising every year. The value for the Reon Pocket still undetermined but according to South China Morning Post (SCMP), they will go around 14,000 yen per-unit, around USD120/unit.

You can check out more of the device features and functions here.

images: https://first-flight.sony.com/pj/reonpocket