ps5 revealed and gamers reactions

Image source: LetsGoDigital/Snoreyn

If you have been following Sony events, you should probably know that they just revealed the new, coming soon Playstation 5, or PS5 in short. There’s a mix feeling about the new design, although we’re not expecting the reaction similar to when Sony announced the “Final Fantasy 7 Remake“, did you saw the crowd’s reaction to that, it’s just crazy thinking back, some cry, few disbeliefs, and many aged gamers reminiscing becoming a child again. Like many others, FF7 is one of the best RPG games I played when I was a kid, truth be told.

I’m not going to dig deep into PS5 spec, should be lots of spec reviews around the web by now. I’m not really into the battle of SSD, graphic, and pricing between PS5 and Xbox Series X. The truth is, when it comes down to playing games, the most important part is their “Flagship game title”, what I meant was the game title that only can play on their respective console, games such as God of War by Playstation or Xbox’s Halo 5: Guardians and Gears of War 4.

After few hours of the Sony PS5 design reveals, there’s already tons of meme about the new PS5 design. The Sauron tower is kind of funny, is this means Sony will be spying on us with its all-seeing eye, just kidding 🙂

ps5 meme sauron tower

Meme aside, there is much discontent about the new PS5 by the gamers community. Here are a few of them I’ve read and heard:

  • It’s too bulky
  • It’s a damn toaster, fridge or router
  • It’s too damn expensive, the rumored price will be around $600-700
  • Aren’t new tech supposed to make thing smaller (girl gamer friend of mine said this)
  • I like Xbox design better, black and shiny.
  • What! 30 FPS only, more detail on this
  • Going to wait for “PRO” version
  • Again, what! 60 FPS only, its next gen console, shouldn’t it be at least 100-120 FPS
  • Bye-bye console, hello PC gaming
  • Stop promoting 8k! no one gonna afford to play in that resolution, might as well get RTX2080TI or new RTX30 for gaming if i’m gonna spend money on 8K TV.
  • Wifey not going to allow me to buy that (just joking…or am i?)

Personally, I think PS5 on 8K is stunning, check the below video and you’ll know what I mean;

Final note

We wouldn’t know for sure how well the games play and how the gamers acceptance on the new console until its official release, and after gamers can have first-hand experience playing on it. It’s all speculation and rumble of words right now.

Finally, let me know what you think about the new PS5, and are you gonna buy one when it’s released or “wifey” won’t let you? 🙂