try this before calling a pc professional

Uh oh, you’ve done it again. Your PC isn’t working properly, and you’re just about ready to start pulling your hair out in frustration. It must be time to call in the professional again, who will likely charge an arm and a leg. But what choice do you have, you don’t know how to fix computers?

Hang on just a second. PCs and laptops aren’t as difficult as you might think to fix. In fact, the majority of the time the problem is simple, and won’t take more than a few seconds to sort out. Here are a few things to think about before you blow your budget on a so-called professional.

It Is Almost Never Hardware

First and foremost, it is very rarely the hardware that gives problems in a PC or laptop. Unless you’re constantly dropping your laptop, or kicking your desktop, it is unlikely that the components will just give up and break. PC hardware generally lasts for many years without giving any problems, so don’t jump to the conclusion that something is broken and needs replacing.

9 out of 10 times it is a software problem, and can be solved fairly easily. Professionals will often give a song and dance about how much work they need to do to fix a problem, but they are almost always making a mountain out of a molehill on purpose.

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What Did You Do?

Like hardware, the software is incapable of simply breaking itself. The software doesn’t work like that. So, ask yourself this; what did you do? What was the last thing you did? What was the last piece of software you installed? Have you been visiting questionable sites?

The point is that something had to have been done in order for the problem to have been created. Chances are high it was something you did. If you remember what you did to cause the issue, you are halfway to sorting out the issue itself. Try removing the software you installed, if that seems to have caused the issue. Try unplugging a new device, if you just added one. If you do peruse questionable sites, try installing a malware protection program to clean up any potential mess you’ve picked up.

Reinstall O.S

In the majority of cases a professional won’t even solve a software issue directly, they will simply reinstall the operating system as a nuclear solution. If you haven’t already guessed, you can perform the same task yourself with relatively little hassle, particularly if you use Windows 10.

If the problem really is hardware, which is unlikely, you may have to replace a component. But be 100% sure to have considered all of the above before calling in for help. Don’t forget to also Google your problem, since many have likely faced the same issue, and found a solution.