When we think about robots we automatically imagine those Japanese dancing robots or bots that can move around and talk. While there is no denying the innovation behind creating these bots, they serve little to no practical purpose other than providing entertainment.

robotics company a2z advanced solutions going public
In this post, we share the story of a robotics company that makes robots that have a very real purpose, saving lives. For more than 30 years, A2Z Advanced Solutions has been dedicated to producing robotic platforms to perform dangerous duties on the battlefield.

Lead by Bentsur Joseph, the company A2Z Advanced Solutions engineers state-of-the-art robotic platforms for the Israel Defence Force and the Israel Police. The company’s product line includes a firefighting robot that can go deep within a burning building and perform critical life-saving duties. The company also has a bomb disposal robot that allows Israeli armed forces to safely defuse or detonate bombs keeping civilians and themselves out of the blast radius.

After their long history of providing robotics solutions to the Israel Defence Forces, the company has finally decided to enter the civilian market. Bentsur Joseph recently announced that the company is going to go public in Canada and is going to be listed in the Toronto Stock Exchange.

Considering their experience in developing and manufacturing life-saving robotic platforms, the company is likely to introduce civilian prototypes for high-risk job roles. Industries that witness a lot of employee injuries and death may choose to invest in robotics solutions to reduce the human cost.

4 Reasons Why A2Z Advanced Solutions Going Public is Good News

For tech nerd or a robotics enthusiast, the launch of a new civilian robotics firm is good news. However, the excitement is often short lived as a lot of robotics startups fail spectacularly as they often fall short on their promises.

One of the major hiccups along the way is gathering the funds required to develop new robotic technologies. A2Z Advanced Solutions is already a pretty stable company that has a steady revenue stream from defence contracts. They also have 30 years of robotics experience. Once they go public, there is little chance of them being affected by the traditional startup problems. They are far more likely to evolve into a giant robotics company as there is already a demand for robotics in manufacturing and high-risk industries such as mining.

The following are the 4 reasons why A2Z Advanced Solutions going public is good news.

Practical Application of Robotics Technology

practical application of robotics technology
There is little chance that A2Z Advanced Solutions is going to manufacture experimental robotic units that serve no practical purpose. While they might not bring you the next dancing robot, they are much likely to launch prototypes for various industries. These units are likely to be functional and they will help save lives by reducing human involvement in high-risk job roles.

Brand New Robotic Units

There is enough reason to believe that the company is going to launch robotic units we have never seen before. In the least, they are going to introduce brand new technologies. This is a safe assumption because they are likely to have a lot of patented technologies to manufacture their military robotics units. These innovations are likely to be introduced in the civilian models once the company goes public.

Reduced Number of Workplace Casualties

Considering that the company specializes in making life-saving robotic units for the Israeli military, they are likely to do the same for the civilian sector. Businesses and industries that have high-risk job roles are likely to benefit. High risk professions such as firefighting, security, mining, logging, and others may witness a greater integration of robotics.

New Jobs for Robotics Engineers

new jobs for robotics engineers
People often seem to focus on all the jobs that are lost due to the introduction of robotics. The fact is robotics creates more jobs as opportunities for robotics engineers, programmers, and hardware specialists go up. The news of A2Z Advanced Solutions going public is likely to be a good one for robotics engineers and people looking for jobs in robotics companies.