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Teraflops or better known as TFLOPS is another way to indicate the “horsepower” of a GPU. With the coming soon release of the next-gen gaming console, PS5 and Xbox Series X, and graphic card RTX 3000 series, this term had been used a lot in their marketing campaign, but what exactly is it? is it higher better? or lower better?

The term teraflop comes from FLOPs, or floating-point operations per second, which simply means “calculations that involve decimal points per seconds.” Tera means trillion, so put together teraflops means trillion floating-point operations per second.


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Like i mentioned earlier, in layman terms, it shows how much power can a GPU max out on their graphic card capability to render games and videos.

But in today topic, we are going to discuss, the one, the only thing that makes next-gen gaming, well..a next-gen gaming and that is Ray Tracing.

The most important teraflops here is the RT (Ray Tracing) TFLOPS

Do you mean the more RT TFLOPS, the more grass and texture in games i can see, or the facial texture on the avatar i use can be sharper and clearer or i can see more flash and bang on magical and explosion effects?

Technically, it point to RT TFLOPS or Ray Tracing Teraflops can be used when processing the image or video from GPU so the more the better. A higher RT TFLOPS makes Ray tracing enable games run more smoothly because the Ray Tracing is the most important part in next-gen gaming experience. In a gamers’ perspective, more frame-per-second. Let’s face it, of all the PC gamers I’ve known, even 5 fps extra is a bundle of joy for them.

Without Ray tracing, it is useless to have more RT teraflops in your GPU so for all the non-Windows 10 gamers out there, do not buy or upgrade to RTX cards since windows 7 to windows 8.1 do not support DX12 (DirectX 12) that enable Ray tracing in gaming.

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rtx2080ti gpu
Put aside the GPU memory and CUDA Cores comparison, it is the Ray tracing (RT) TFLOPS that making the round-up on the next-gen graphic card difference. The GeForce RTX 3070 (Ampere) has 5888 CUDA cores and a boost speed of 1.73 GHz, while the RTX 2080 Ti (Turing) has 4352 CUDA cores and a 1.63 GHz.

But the most important part of performance difference is the RT TFLOPS, RTX 3070 has a 40 RT TFLOPS, while RTX 2080 Ti has 34 RT TFLOPS, a 6 RT TFLOPS difference but GPU performance with Ray tracing enable and max settings on RTX3070 is rumored to be 20% more powerful than RTX2080 TI.

The new Nvidia Ampere RTX3080 however with 58 RT TFLOPS score 168% more performance than RTX2080 SUPER, and RTX 3080 is price at US$699.

And surprisingly, the RTX3070 retail price is at US$499, a US$200 difference from RTX 3080 but RTX 3080 is 100% more performance than RTX 3070 vs RTX 2080 TI performance comparison itself where RTX2080 TI is still at $1000. Click here to see a details comparison of the new RTX3000 and 2080 TI.

This really make you wonder is RTX2080 TI going to be obsolete?

So, because of the RT teraflops difference, the RTX3070 and RTX 3080 series, both retail below US$700, both can deliver more performance than RTX2080 TI that priced at US$1000, and on top of that, they are much cheaper, its a no-brainer, right? for me, i would go for RTX 3080. RTX 3070 and 3080 had better per frame dollar value than RTX 2080 TI. However, according to a source, the new Ampere GPU card will be released on a limited amount so be ready to get jack high on eBay or any marketplace selling Nvidia Ampere card.

In conclusion, i think Nvidia’s new move of increase RT TFLOPS with lower price point in their new RTX3000 Ampere series graphic card is not a “flop” per-say for the gaming community. But i already sense the angry vibe from all the RTX2080 TI users out there. Here’s a video that makes my day: “Don’t cry anna , the FPS is still pretty good”