Samsung D980 Dual SIM Touchscreen Phone

I bet you can still remember Samsung’s unsuccessful attempt to make their own first Touchscreen cell phone with Dual SIM Card capabilities – The P720. It had to be canceled because of compatibility issues between their Dual SIM card UI and Armani phone-like device. Now after making some improvement with their touchscreen capabilities – TouchWiz Interface, and added Dual SIM functionality, their new Samsung D980 DuoS is now ready to be market.

The Samsung D980 DuoS is currently retails at RM1,999 in Malaysia. When you turn on the D980, you’ll be amazed by its bright and attractive 2.6-inch touchscreen display with a dimension of 240 x 320 pixels and 262,000 color features.

The Samsung D980 has great touchscreen widgets built into it. The response time of D980 is pretty fast. Looks like Samsung really utilizes its TouchWiz feature on this D980. You can move the widgets to enable easy access to the items on your phone’s desktop such as clock, messages, radio, games, calculator, etc. These floating icons can be a move to the corner of your phone or to the sidebar holder of your D980. You can also access your commonly used application such as inbox, music player, web browser or Bluetooth by tapping on the sidebar at the top of the D980’s screen.

The stylish and glossy surface of the Samsung D980 Dual SIM Touchscreen Phone can sometimes attract unwanted dirt and fingerprints, making the screen looks awful. You’ll have to spend most of the time wiping your touchscreen each time you used it.

You can have two SIM cards running on this phone at the same time. The D980 will prompt you to insert your SIM cards the first time you use them so that it can configure the setting automatically to enable the Dual SIM capabilities. This phone’s Dual SIM cards are suitable for those who carry around two mobile phones, one for work and one for leisure if you know what I mean…Now, you can send, receive messages from both of your SIM cards’ contacts. Receive call in and call out from both phone lines. The downside of this Dual SIM feature on D980 is the internal built-in message storage. It can only hold a total of 200 messages or 240 messages if you include the SIM card storage.

The design of this phone is slightly smaller and more compact than its previous predecessors. Its navigation menu is straightforward and easy to understand. Everything is within the reach of each other because of its simple menu and directory system. Most of the buttons and apps on the touchscreen are finger-friendly and easy to navigate. If you are a keypad typing person before, you’ll find that touchscreen texting is a whole different experience. The good news is you wouldn’t have to deal with the problem of the keypad button’s characters wore off on this phone.

The 5.0-megapixel camera on the Samsung D980 is fully compact with features such as 15 scene modes, face detection, adjustable resolution sizes, etc. The D980’s camera can also act as a video camera where you can record high quality video and saved it on your phone. The D980 is truly a multimedia phone that you must have.

In conclusion, the Samsung D980 DuoS touchscreen is a beautiful and stylish cell phone. With its bright and colorful display screen and fast response time of its touchscreen, it is sad to find out that this phone does not have WIFI and 3G capabilities. You can still connect to the internet using the EDGE connectivity, but it is slow and expensive.

Overall review on the Samsung D980 Dual SIM Touchscreen phone showing that the pros of having this phone are the use of its Dual SIM function, fast responsive touchscreen features, nifty widgets, easy to navigate menu and nice on screen keypad. The downsides are mirrored surface of the screen can attract a lot of dirt and thumbprints, constant cleaning is necessary. Its messages storage is too small which can only hold 200 messages and the most disappointing is the lack of WIFI and 3G functions on this phone.

That’s all fellow geekers, the Samsung D980 is best use or worth the money if you are using separate phone lines for business and personal by utilizing its Dual SIM cards function. If you’re a internet mobile surfer, then the D980 is not for you because this phone as mentioned before does not have WIFI and even 3G.