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After opening the Samsung FlipShot you will be taken aback with amazement. You would be left wondering how this tiny device functions as a digital camera and cell phone. If you enjoy phone videos then you would no doubt like its 262K internal screen. This is nice looking phone offered by Verizon.

The Samsung FlipShot has a unique and unusual twisting design to take photos. At first glance, it looks like a phone but when you rotate the screen at 180 degrees it turns into a high-resolution camera with a big bright display screen. The powerful flash and the photo editing software make this handy device a power-packed phone. This phone takes photos equivalent to the quality of a digital camera. This cell phone has an integrated 3-megapixel camera, with zoom, autofocus, and video recording features.


The Samsung FlipShot’s design comes in smooth black and silver finish giving the phone a classy look. When the phone is not in use it has its buttons well hidden. The flip-and-twist design of the camera is the highlight of the phone. It measures 96 x 46 x19 mm and weighs 110 grams. The phone is bulkier than most new phones but it is pretty small for a two-in-one device that has loads of functionalities for its user. This device fits perfectly into a pocket. The back panel of the phones is a sleek black plate. Also at the back, you will find the logos Samsung and Verizon engraved on each corner.

Once you open the clamshell it reveals a standard format keyboard at the bottom and the screen on top. You will also find a 5-way navigation key. In its box, you will find Power Cables, standard 880 Li-on batteries, Quick Reference Guide, Wrist Cable, and the User Manual.

Photo credit: CNET Networks


The Samsung FlipShot already hints that it is a camera phone and living up to its name the phone comes with an excellent photographic experience. An impressive 3.0-megapixel camera is way above the standards of a normal camera phone. This FlipShot has a unique smooth design with the flip-around external screen turning this phone into an object that resembles a digital camera. The camera offers static photography, video, and other handy functions like automatic modes, ranging from Auto-focus to Multi-Shot.

Photo credit: CNET Networks


This Samsung Flipshot camera phone comes with standard Verizon functions. You will be able to store 500 contacts on your phonebook. It also comes with speakerphone and Voicemail services.
FlipShot offers 240 x 320 px 262K color TFT internal screen and the external screen is 128 x 96 px 65K color TFT. The external screen is used to display vital statics: date-time, battery level, signal strength, etc. While the Internal screen is mainly used for camera display. The screen is bright and large and is specialized for camera-related functions.


The FlipShot is set with an MP3 player as well. Users can upload songs by synching with the PC or by downloading from VCAST Music. Downloaded songs are saved to Verizon’s MY MUSIC folder. This jukebox application organizes the songs and sorts them by artists, genre, album, and playlist or track title. It also has a shuffle feature in the player.
The FlipShot provides a wide array of messaging options, text messaging, you may send Videos, Pictures, postcards, and Sketch messages. The Sketch message lets you send a new Sketch-type photo and the postcard is an unusual and new type of message.


The user will be well entertained with its sharp camera, built-in MP3 player, and fun messaging. You also have games and videos which you may download from VCAST Videos, the BREW game can be downloaded through Verizon.
With the internet, the FlipShot offers a standard web browser. You can also connect to the Internet through Verizon’s Mobile Web micro-browser. You will be able to access the Information Service and News via Get It Now!


The FlipShot storage capacity can be supplemented with a microSD/TransFlash card, this will be very useful to users who are expecting to make use of their camera a lot.


The FlipShot offers USB and Bluetooth files for its connectivity needs. The standard USB port is there but it plugs in the same power adaptor plug slot. Fortunately, this won’t become a problem since there is another standard headphone jack with which users are able to listen to their favorite tunes while getting powered up. Features from the Bluetooth package are Hands-free, Dial-up Networking, Headset, Phonebook Access, Stereo, Basic Printing, Object Push, Basic Imaging, and Serial Port. The Hands-free and Headset profile allows connecting wirelessly with a hands-free car kit or an earpiece. Basic printing lets you send an image directly from your phone to a Bluetooth-able printer. The basic image allows images to transfer directly to a compatible device. The stereo allows the MP3 files that are stored on the phone to play on the compatible speakers. Dial-up Network allows your phone to be used as a modem on a PDA or laptop through Verizon’s broadband. Object Push and Phonebook Access allows the user to share stored data through another device, as the serial port allows the phone as a “virtual serial port”. With a robust Bluetooth and UBS package, the FlipShot will complete all its connectivity needs.


The Samsung FlipShot SCH-U900 has a unique design that puts all its emphasis on phone photography; it keeps up to its word with a 3-megapixel camera and a variety of photo options within it. The photography is certainly complemented by its large 262K color screen internal camera. With this masterpiece, you will be able to share your special moments by messaging your videos and photo to your friends.

If you, not a photo fanatic don’t despair on this phone as it offers all modern and standard features, video downloading, Bluetooth compatibility, MP3 capabilities, web browsing, text messaging, and organizational applications. Its software package comes standard from Verizon, yet it is pretty good. If you looking for a camera phone then you have definitely found your phone and if you are not looking for a camera phone, then also this is a good phone with all its cell phone features. Either way, you will be a winner with this Samsung Flipshot Camera Phone.