samsung galaxy note 2 smartphone review

This phone cum tablet has drawn inspiration from its highly successful predecessor the Galaxy S3. The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is packed with twice the processing power, a sizzling screen and a mega battery. You might feel these are reasons enough to make the second generation Samsung phones worth to possess, but there are a lot more surprises and features that will leave you in disbelief. So let’s take a sneak peek at this marvel of technology that has stirred the high-end mobile markets across the world.

samsung galaxy note 2 hd super amoled screen

This smart phone has a 1280 x720 resolution that facilitates viewing the content in a big size. The phone has highly user friendly features and game addicts are bound to look at it as a dream come true. The appearance of the phone could be described thus-large screen, curvy corners and a thin bezel. On the front side, the home button is placed in the center and beneath it at the sides are the touch buttons. The instrument comes in two colors-marble white or titanium grey. As compared to the first Note, the second Note is slightly bigger at 5.5”. The best part is its 16:9 ratio and great audio that heighten the movie watching experience manifolds. People with a bigger palm size will not really mind its big size; however for others it could get a little uncomfortable holding it for extended chats. For such occasions it is recommended to append it with a Bluetooth headset.

samsung galaxy note 2 hardware spec

As mentioned at the start, this second generation Note 2 has surpassed its predecessor Galaxy 3 in hardware also. The Note 2 comes with a 1.6 GHz Quad-core Exynos chip along with a solid 2 GB of RAM. Thus clearly the Note 2 has combined more processor and memory power in it. That’s not all, the huge16 GB storage can easily be expanded up to mammoth 80 GB by using an SD card. The Note 2 runs on the highly advanced Jelly Bean technology. The ultra-high speed one experiences in this smart phone is due to its four cores and the ‘Project Butter’ technology that makes it possible for the CPU to run simultaneously with graphics resulting in faster screen transitions and applications launching.

samsung galaxy note 2 battery

Let’s now take a closer look at its battery- the Note 2 battery delivers big on performance. It is a 3,100mAh powerhouse. That roughly translates into twelve hours of uninterrupted talk apart from a big display screen and the Long Term Evolution facility. The gadget is a boon for the shutterbugs who can now click awesome pictures with a rear 8 MP camera and a 1.9 MP front camera. The good part is the device functions smoothly and requires lesser battery irrespective of its big screen size.

samsung galaxy note 2 s pen

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 now comes to you with an ergonomically designed S-Pen and offers you the same friction as you would experience while writing on a paper. Take the stylus out from its holder and you are ready to go. The new features of Easy Clip, Air View and Quick Command make editing and transferring of your artworks a child’s play. What’s more, you can now run two different apps at the same time with a split screen.

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