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It’s 2022, and SEO is still confusing; thousands of SEO companies are offering to power my website to the summit of Google’s results pages; I can hire one of them and not worry about it, right?

Well, maybe. SEO companies have been popping up at a fantastic speed, but the quality of many has been questioned, with businesses frequently being scammed or left on results page eight.

So, let’s have a go at it ourselves; what are the key things to know? You will need to understand that search engines scan your website for keywords. You may think you know what words will attract people to your site, but you may be surprised. Run a keyword analysis and find out what potential customers are really searching for. Then, keyword placement is also vital. Try to get your keywords in your title tag, the URL, and the first 100 words of your content.

The search engine will look at two things on your website. It will scan through your text to determine what your site is about or what you are selling. However, some people don’t realize this point is more critical; it checks out the links pointing to your site from other web pages. So, getting other businesses to connect with your page may send you higher up on Google searches rather than cramming keywords onto your site.

You will need to know other important things about strategies that will work for you in 2022. Google will monitor your site; if people click on your webpage from the search results, then immediately click the back key, returning them to the results page, it looks terrible. Google’s algorithms will understand this as people not finding your page of interest, which will result in you falling down the results page, which is not good! Make your site clear and exciting to keep people there for as long as possible.

Learning the basics about SEO strategies isn’t too tricky. Google provides tremendous information and tools to help your business climb the results pages. It may take time to trawl through the advice, but it should start to make sense after a few hours. Good luck, and may 2022 be the year you top the results page!

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brandon leibowitz

Brandon Leibowitz is the founder of SEO Optimizers, a Digital Marketing Agency in Los Angeles, California. He is also the founder of, a social media news log. He has been involved with search engine optimization and internet marketing since 2007.