5 secret pr weapons to help build your brand
Branding is all about storytelling ad it is a discipline of public relations that has changed and evolved throughout the years. Standard PR strategies that were used to drive a company’s brand story used to revolve around press releases, tradeshows and launch events. Now  PR practitioners have many more tools at their fingertips that allow for effective and efficient branding, some of which rely heavily on social media.

The story comes first

It is no secret that building a business is never easy. When working to establish your company’s brand and culture it is important to address certain questions that tell your company’s story. Questions such as “what is the company’s vision”, or  “what does your business do that no one else does” can be answered successfully by a public relations practitioner. This PR practitioner will know everything about your business and be able to communicate your company’s benefits effectively.

It is important to remember that when telling your story, you tell it honestly. Sit down with your PR practitioner and write out your company’s story. Work out any kinks, gaps and weaknesses before presenting your story to your audience. Only then will you be able to receive the wanted reaction from your customer and audience when hearing or reading about your brand.

Identify your target media outlets and journalists

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If you are looking to gain media coverage for your company then the first thing you need to do is establish who your target audience is and which media outlet(s) you need to use in order to reach them. Your target media list may include magazines, local newspapers, television, radio, or even niche specific bloggers who appeal to your brand. Build media contacts through news media platforms and communicate with journalists in order to send out information about your brand or company. Developing relationships with journalist allows you opportunities for later work.

A Brochure

PR brochures are important materials used in public relations to inform, engage and call people to action. Different forms of brochures are used to present different types of informations. For example, paper or physical brochures usually contain information in regards to company events, company brand  or other information the company wants the public to be aware of. If you are looking for awat to stop a prospect in their tracks, consider presenting the with information through the form of video brochures. This type of brochure is similar to the paper versions but instead is sent as a readable LED screen and the very best service for your clients.

PR is a profit center, not a cost center

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Many people in marketing see public relations as an unnecessary and costly overhead expense. However, when done successfully, public relations is an asset that gets your brand into the view of the right people and helps you to grow your business. The ROI on public relations is high and has an astounding impact, so it would be crazy not to invest in this discipline. It may take some patience to see a payoff and it can’t be hacked but the reality is that PR is a profit center that has huge potential for growth and business development.

Executive Bios

Executive bios are effective tools that are not given enough credit in regards to public relations and brand building. There are many elements of a great executive bio, none of which should be taken lightly.  Often times, it is the first page customers and prospects will see when exploring your company’s website so be sure to include yours and any other c-level executive links to social media. Here your customers will be able to view any accomplishments, articles you have written, speeches, interviews, or awards. If you want the trust of your company’s audience and customers you can earn it by giving them a  sense of your company culture and leader personalities through executive bios.