If you love your Blackberry Smartphone, then you are going to love it, even more, when you download the free application for MySpace. After all, you get to blend together two of your most favorite things- your favorite mobile device, the Blackberry Smartphone, and your favorite social networking group, MySpace. Not only will you be able to say “have a phone, will travel,” but also you will be able to say “have a phone, stay connected on MySpace.”

Once you download the application that places MySpace on your Blackberry Smartphone, you will be able to share your thoughts, hopes, and dreams with your MySpace friends whenever you want. You’ll never feel disconnected again or disappointed that everyone else found out about one of your friends getting asked out, winning the lottery, or whatever.

Instead of waiting until you arrive home, you can send MySpace mail and receive MySpace mail while you’re waiting in line at the store, in between meetings, or just about any place in the world. Read special bulletins immediately or send them the moment that you think of them with no problem or delay at all.

The Blackberry Smartphone is already one of your favorite things in life, but by adding this feature to it, you will be more excited about it than ever. Post your comments, post your photos, and do so much more with a few simple inputs and clicks.

Keep in mind that your service provider may assess charges when you download this application. Of course, there are a few system requirements but you can check these out on the Blackberry website for yourself. As long as your Blackberry Smartphone meets these requirements, you could be talking with your MySpace friends anytime all of the time.

MySpace Application For BlackBerry Links: (Desktop Download) (OTA Download) (MySpace BlackBerry Community page)