How to use Graphic Design to Craft Your Brand Identity

how to use graphic design for brand identity
We know that brand identity is a vital component of any successful business. Take a moment to think through some iconic companies: Coca Cola. Apple. Disney. Gucci, M&M’s… The list goes on. Although these brands are completely unrelated in many ways, they all have something in common, which is that…

5 Secret PR Weapons To Help Build Your Brand

5 secret pr weapons to help build your brand
Branding is all about storytelling ad it is a discipline of public relations that has changed and evolved throughout the years. Standard PR strategies that were used to drive a company’s brand story used to revolve around press releases, tradeshows and launch events. Now  PR practitioners have many more tools…

Branding and AI: Leverage Technology to Grow Your Business

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branding and ai leverage technology to grow your business
A great number of things were difficult to accomplish in the pre-Internet and pre-software era. Long-distance communication, business process like accounting and marketing, and even day to day tasks like booking movie tickets, railway tickets, etc. took a lot of time and effort. However, today Internet and technology are serving…