Sony Japan Crowdfunding for Portable Wearable Air Conditioner, the Reon Pocket

portable wearable air conditioner reon pocket
Japan known for creating unique and portable gadget. Today, Sony Japan announced they are crowdfunding a device that will mostly benefit countries that have steaming and hot weather, with the escalation of temperature around the world, this couldn't come in better time. The wearable air conditioner, Reon Pocket supposedly smaller…

Why Autonomous Vehicles Won’t Be Dominating the Road in the Near Future

rough future of autonomous vehicles
Stories about autonomous vehicles, self-driving cars and trucks, have been splashed all over the news and social media, with major companies such as Tesla, Uber and Google trying to be the first to corner the market. But for all the hype, there are many reasons to believe it will be…

What is a Drone? Let’s Venture the Imaginative Future of Drone Technology

Michael ( Michael Kelsinger mkels 2017-08-06T10:20:38+08:00 2021-02-04T06:17:56+08:00
the imaginative future of drone
What is a drone? You might wonder. Drones are also called unmanned aerial vehicles. The greatest advantage with a drone is that you can use a drone where manned operations are risky or not feasible. Large drones are used for military applications successfully. The small handheld drone can be used…

Li-Fi – The Future of Lightning Speed Internet

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li fi the future of lightning speed internet
Li-Fi or Light Fidelity is a light communication setup which runs the wireless communications. These wireless communications run at a very high speed. In Li-Fi we use the sections of visible light as an electromagnetic spectrum for the transmission of information. This process is really fast as the information travels…