Whenever you’re trying to buy a new cell phone online or on your local store, they will give you the option to buy a locked or unlocked cell phone. A SIM locked phone is where you can only use one mobile phone network provider depending on your purchase contract, such as Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, etc. Some of these phones have an in built SIM card on it which are not removable, some also have removable SIM card, but it will not recognized other cards when you try to replace it. On the other hand, an unlocked phone will enable you to change to other mobile network SIM cards anytime and anywhere. You can even use a prepaid mobile service on an unlocked cell phone.

Generally, the purchase price of an unlocked mobile phone is higher than the locked one, maybe few hundreds more expensive depends on the mobile service provider. For example, we look at the Apple iPhone 5s Gold on The unlocked iPhone 5s is selling at $765 and the AT&T locked iPhone 5s is at $680 only. Sometimes, you might also found others are selling unlocked phones much cheaper at a discounted price lower than locked phones. But, be careful when choosing it. They maybe not original set or warranty voided phones.

Using an unlocked cell phone can also save your money while traveling abroad. You can easily change your SIM card to a local mobile network without having to bear the high cost mobile roaming fee. Also, when purchasing an unlocked phone, please be sure that whether it is an US or international version. If you travel a lot, you definitely want to have an international version of unlocked phone so that it can support localized mobile network and services.

Nevertheless, unlocking a locked mobile phone is possible nowadays. There are many mobile phone unlocking service provider you can find online. If you want to unlock your HTC phone, check out HTCIMEIUNLOCK for more info.