the most completely overlooked video game gems

When it comes to the video game industry, you either have a great deal of money to market your product, or you risk that product completely going unnoticed in a crowded market. Needless to say, sometimes fantastic games are simply swallowed up, forgotten, and never get the recognition they deserve.

Though those overlooked gems do tend to land up on lists like this, so at least they have some chance of getting a little due credit. Here are excellent games that simply did not get any attention when they were first released.



Psychonauts has become something of a major cult classic since it first released, but at the time it initially hit the market in 2005 hardly anyone noticed. It was only a matter of time until it eventually found gamers, however, since it is nothing short of incredible.

Imagine this; you travel into the mind of a man obsessing over a lady he can’t have. You find a said man, in his mental projection of the world, attempting to build an impossible ladder to his lady obsession. Only in his mental projection of her, she is depicted as the sun (impossible to reach.) Plus, the entire dreamlike landscape appears as if it were a living painting, in some of the most stunning artwork you will ever see.

Yes, Psychonauts is incredible in almost every regard, and thank goodness it is now being recognized as the absolute classic that it is. Speaking of great games, register online now to enjoy a great selection of online pokies. Though those are never overlooked.

Mirror’s Edge

mirror’s edge

2008’s Mirror’s Edge truly stands as an example of what can happen if developers are allowed to experiment. The excellent game depicts a dystopian future where, as would be expected, rebels and outsiders are no longer able to communicate or operate with technology. Instead, messages and packages are delivered via runners, who use the towering city landscapes as a parkour playground.

The player is one of these runners, of course, and epic parkour is the name of the game. Fast thinking, breath-taking futuristic vistas, and more than a few dizzying jumps make up a truly excellent first-person adventure game.

Mirror’s Edge eventually got a sequel in 2016, but the second entry mostly fell short of the original in every regard.

Evil Genius

evil genius

Why be James Bond, when you can be the evil genius Bond is trying to stop? This bizarre, yet immensely delightful 2004 release saw players taking on the role of a titular Evil Genius. The name of the game is to build and manage an evil lair, while simultaneously keeping up the front of a legitimate business. Eventually, agents will try to infiltrate the lair and must be stopped via carefully placed tricks and traps.

Evil Genius did get some recognition since a sequel is in the works. Fingers crossed that the follow up manages to capture the dark sense of humor of the first, and maintains the deceptive complexity.