things every antivirus must offer
Since businesses and users started connecting their PCs to the internet years ago, antivirus programs have been one of the most crucial parts of the technology industry. It has become so universal indeed, that most users undertake all antivirus programs provide the same features and protection abilities, and they do not pay sufficient attention to the system that they are utilizing. The type of antivirus being used can possess significant impacts on the capability to successfully eliminate the malware. The following are the crucial features to look out for in antivirus programs.

1.Malware Detection and removal

The most crucial part of an antivirus program is its signature detection. The antivirus should accurately spot incoming virus threats at all times. Upon recognizing the virus, it is essential for the antivirus to remove the detected malicious instantly. Selecting antivirus software that remains in contact with your computer security server in order to stay informed against the latest malware threat is the best practice. If antivirus can attain these aspects, then you should consider installing it on your computer.

2.Real-Time Scanning

Typically, antivirus software is precisely intended to detect the presence of any malware, but not all detect the malware in the same way. The unreliable software will force you to perform a manual scan to define if any files have been affected, while the leading antiviruses boast a dynamic scanning ability that regularly checks your PC for the presence of any malicious files or programs. Without this useful feature, it will be easier for anything to penetrate your personal computer and start causing damage before you even recognize it.

3.Protection for Various Applications

Threats exist across the whole spectrum of applications and services that you heavily rely on for your day-to-day tasks. From instant messenger platforms to email clients as well as specific internet browsers, the harmful software can get into your system from various sources. It is thus essential for the antivirus program to protect multiple vulnerable applications from prospective dangers; otherwise, you will be leaving your computer dangerously exposed.

4.Automatic updates

Updates are crucial for all types of software, but this is a must when it comes to antivirus. Because new forms of malware are continuously being invented, it is vital for the antivirus software to have regular upgrades in order to track and prevent new threats and viruses that did not exist when it was first installed. If the upgrades are to be installed manually, it is common for you to miss some essential new protections and this may expose your system to malicious components. Therefore, the best windows antivirus is that which have the ability to install updates regularly and automatically.

5.Social media protection

Most of you have a Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and several other social accounts. Unluckily, most attackers often target their virus into the social media platforms. The attackers can steal your personal data, passwords, phone number, as well as any other info that you may have stored online. With these threats, it is essential to have antivirus software that protects your social media apps. The best antivirus software will alert you when a social media phishing scam has been identified. Additionally, it will warn you when you are about to click on any malicious link that a user has sent you on the applications.

6.Identity protection

identity theft protections
You have possibly heard that identity theft is rising at an alarming rate. With more and more organizations going digital, it has never been easier for intruders to steal your info, sell your personal info to advertising organizations and also drain your bank account. The best antivirus software will protect your personal info in various important ways. For instance, the antivirus will verify every time you input your banking info or credit card online to ascertain that a virus has not hijacked your PC.

7.Safe browsing technique

More and more antivirus software integrate tools that ensure your safety when browsing online. This is indeed the primary way in which viruses enter your PC, and it is essential to protect all users that use your computer. A good antivirus is that which filters out bad Google search results and then warn you when you click on a malicious website or link.


If the worst happens, then you will be forced to depend on a backup to restore your system. Desirable antivirus software will often create a backup of your PC’s most crucial files. With the backed up files, you will have an easy time restoring your computer if anything unwanted occurs.

9.Eliminates all types of malware

There are several forms of malware that can infect your computer including viruses, Trojans, spyware, bots, among others. There are some antivirus programs designed to just eliminate one type of malicious files. Nonetheless, it is advisable to select a program that can entirely detect almost all the various types of malware.

malware protections
Lastly, the best antivirus program will protect you against cyber threats without slowing down your PC or adding complexity to your experience. Advanced protection does not always translate to confusing and complicated software. Keep in mind that the above list should be considered when searching for the perfect antivirus software. Selecting antivirus on the aspects described above ensures that your system is protected at all times.