tips for buying league of legends accounts
League of Legends (LoL) is a popular game in the online sports world. Millions of players have hooked on this game thanks to its faced-paced nature and intensity. This free-to-play video game offers a nice blend of both real-time strategy and role-playing. You can enjoy this game by opening a League of Legends account. Although these accounts can be created for free, many players prefer buying to creating an account themselves. Here’s why:

You Can Play with Lower Rank Friends

If you play on a normal account, chances are you’ll be provided with higher rank games. You certainly don’t want that if you are new to the game. On the other hand, a League of Legends account allows you to begin from scratch as all accounts are unranked. The LoL account also allows you to reset your rank. This can come in handy when you want to play with friends who aren’t as good as you are. You’ll be able to play at the same skill level as them and help them learn the game.

You Can Play on a New Region

A lot of players fancy switching regions probably to test their skills. Unfortunately, if you live in the US and play on NA servers, you cannot play with players in Europe playing on EUW servers. The good news is you can purchase a server transfer via the Riot store. But, keep in mind that once you’ve switched, it can be difficult switching back. Rather than constantly spending money to transfer your account, you can simply buy a LoL account. It allows you to play in both regions, meaning you can easily compete in multiple ranked leagues and test your gaming skills.

Comes With Influence Points (IP) and Riot Points (RP)

Most League of Legends accounts come with the added benefit of bonus IP and RP. You can choose to spend these points on whatever you want, including runes, champions and the skins. For instance, at UnrankedSmurfs, their starter package offers 20K+ IP, which can be used to buy the number of champions required for ranked play. The amount of IP you receive will vary depending on the account purchased. Runes, on the other hand, will come in handy when you are playing ranked games.

It’s Cheaper

tips for buying league of legends accounts 2
Buying a League of Legends account is way cheaper than having to buy the champions individually. For just $30, you can get an account with 20,000 IP. You can use your IP to buy around 4 third tier legendary champions. On the other hand, you’d spend $36 to get champions in the third tier. Another benefit is some accounts come with over 16 unlocked champions, saving you the time of cultivating the IPs.

Save Time Leveling Up Yourself

Attempting to level up a new account can be time-consuming. Players have to reach level 30 before they can play on big leagues or the ranked games. Currently, it takes about 20,042 XP to reach level 30 and on average, you only get 90XP per match. If you do the math, you can see that it will take a long time to reach level 30 even with all the added boosts. In addition, not all players have enough BE to purchase the 20 champions that are needed for ranked games. Time is money; so, don’t waste it on leveling a new account when you could be focusing on the ranked games.