When Windows 10 finally released on July 29, 2015, many PC users had been started to upgrade their OS to latest version of Windows 10. It is said that the latest Windows 10 will be an improvement for Windows 8 in speed, functionality and memory usage. However after months of its initial release, more and more PC users complained and write some reviews on the Windows 10, and the reviews mostly not encourage people for Windows 10 upgrade. According to Windows 10 users, the problems in the new OS is:

1. Driver issues
2. Its intrusive, forcing you to use background apps you don’t want and cannot remove.
3. Data mining, track your activity transparently and no privacy at all.
4. Its free and seem bloated with Microsoft un-necessary apps.
5. YOU ARE NOW WORKING FOR MICROSOFT AS INVISIBLE TESTER, and did i mention, its freeeeeee!!!!! they win. no more hiring tester in their company.

Checkout the video to understand better

i’ll be waiting for all the free test run and wait for Windows 11.