buying ipod types guide

A portable digital media player, which also has a hard drive from Apple computer, is called an iPod. iPod is an Apple brand of MP3 player that has a specific set of features and designs. Apple introduced iPod back in 2001. Since then, Apple has kept developing its line of iPod.

Apple seeks to entertain people, with exclusive sound quality of their device. It has progressed to build up an iPod that is slim, has sleek exterior, has intuitive and a very user friendly design. It has been considered to be the best option for music since last two decades. Even for the users that are not very acquainted with technology can easily use this electronic device.

iPods have moved from being just a small electronic device that could only play audios to devices that can help you to watch movies, connect with the internet and it also offer you to make video calls, yes, we all are aware of the FaceTime technology that Apple provides. Currently there are some new iPod models that are mostly preferred by the users. To the question, which iPod should you buy?, which is the popular iPod model? or which iPod have the best features?.

Let’s follow the evolution of iPod model’s features:

  • iPod classic are not as popular as it used to be however it still a demanding iPod model people searched.
  • iPod Shuffle known for it’s affordable compact audio device but it has no display screen.
  • iPod Nano has higher price comparatively and provides you with a small touchscreen display.
  • iPod Touch are currently the most preferred Apple iPod, has bigger screen, allows you to FaceTime and connects with WI-FI and internet. The IPod touch is the most expensive model in Apple’s iPod product line.

Now for the people who are looking to buy an IPod, I would say it is not a very easy decision to make. As you have to choose from the fully featured devices, to affordable ones that give you good quality sound, storage capacity and battery life too. So, in order to determine which Apple IPod will best suit your needs, it is important that you compare different available options. We have solved this problem of yours, by giving you a brief description below.

iPod Model Comparison Before Buying One

The iPod Classic

iPod classic can be considered the best audio device manufactured by Apple, only if the visual display feature also included in this model. Although, iPod Classic didn’t receive much updates from Apple, however it never failed to make a presence and even after its retirement two years ago, people are found still using it.

iPod classic 160GB had a major advantage over other iPod models. With a capacity of around 160GB of storage hard disk, it is the iPod that provides you with the most amount of capacity. It could easily hold around 50,000 songs, 200 videos and even store photos. It is great for you if you are a big music lover, as you can have all your music playlists on your iPod.

Having a good battery life is also very essential, iPod classic gives you a hefty 36 hours of music playback battery life, which is literally sufficient for a listener’s needs. If you are looking for an iPod that provides you a lot of space to store music, not use any fancy apps on it and listen to music for a long time, iPod classic is definitely the best choice.

iPod Shuffle

iPod Shuffle can be considered as the modern day existence of the original iPod. This device, just as the traditional iPod allows you to play audio only. Now with the original iPod, there was no display screen, so you had to remember the playlist and choose between the tracks accordingly and of course be on luck to get the song that you like.

With iPod Shuffle, although it doesn’t have a display, you have the Voice Over feature that reads you the name of the track, playlists, allowing you to choose from the music or song that you want to listen.

The iPod Shuffle does shuffle all the music on the device and you never know which music is going to be played. Therefore, if you listen to music upon your mood, then you better look for an iPod that lets you know the next song on the list.

iPod Nano

This version of iPod model did make a major effect on the iPod users, as it brought in the most needed feature, a 2.5 inch display with touchscreen. This definitely attracted more and more people as you could also have videos on your device.

Music being the primary function of the iPod, the video displaying feature made it more appealing for the users especially for the millennial generation. The display might not be the best but one could really enjoy the feel of good music along with its appearance. iPod Nano doesn’t have much negative review, except its display. If you are looking for an iPod that allows you to have bigger and clearer display, you should look for the other model of iPod.

iPod Touch

ipod types ipod touch 2019

This is the best version of iPod that Apple has manufactured up till now, in terms of features, capabilities and functions. iPod Touch, runs on the full version of iOS, it allows the user to access the App Store, enjoy the games, indulge with social media, functions and even get camera apps. In short, it can be considered as similar as an Apple iPhone to most extent.

iPod Touch also has several features, most recognizable is that it allows you to connect to the internet. So it helps you to browse, chat and do shopping on the internet. You do get a built-in camera that of course is not close to the ones on iPhone. However, it is good enough to help you get snaps to post on social media websites. iPod Touch is the best iPod model built up till now and might as well be the last due to the growing trends of smartphones.

Things to Consider Before Buying an iPod

Buying an iPod depends on what do you want from your device. Going for the latest or the most recent iPod model is always recommended, however there are several other features that you might want to take a look at:

  • Storage Capacity
    Likely you are going to store lots of music in your iPod. Good storing capacity is essential to store all the music, videos and apps that you want.
  • Battery Life
    Having a high storage capacity is useless if you don’t have a good battery life. This makes another important aspect of buying an iPod, longer battery life.
  • Audio or Sound quality
    Other important aspects is the sound quality of the iPod. Although with Apple being a reputable brand you don’t have to worry about the quality of the sound. However, you have to consider which iPod model has the better and clearer sound quality.
  • Camera Capability
    Considering iPod is a music player, camera might not be as essential as we thought it will be, however if you prefer an iPod with camera function, iPod touch have the best camera among iPods model.
  • Price
    Lastly the most important aspect is the price of an iPod, you need to choose iPod model that provide you with needed features and is available at an affordable price.

Final Conslusion

Comparing the iPod models above, it is not easy to choose the right iPod model for yourself. You can go through each iPod model’s features to find which suitable for your daily need. If you’re only interested in listening to music, then go for iPod classic, if you want to enjoy the latest features of iPod, then go for iPod Touch.

The price cannot guaranteed the quality of the iPod, it will be a waste if you buy the latest iPod with extra whistle and bell but you only use the iPod for playing music only. Try comparing the model’s features and it will helps you on making decision when choosing which right iPod model suits your needs.