Sony Ericsson T707 Clamshell Mobile Phone

Hello, fellow readers. It’s been a while since my last post. I’ve been caught up with some works. Let us take a look at this gorgeous and stunning new clamshell cell phone – Sony Ericsson T707. Personally, when I first look at this mobile phone, I think it’s too girly for me. No offense, girls..In my opinion, this Sony Ericsson T707 is suitable for younger teenage girls just like those in Hannah Montana; playful and sexy..hehe.

The Sony Ericsson T707 is using a clamshell design to make it look gorgeous. Besides the stunning design, it also support an awesome technology which is Gesture Control. For example, if you’re busy doing something when the phone rang, you just have to wave your hand above the cell phone to end the call. It work on alarm clock too, when the phone’s alarm clock rang, wave your hand on the cell phone and it’s off. Feels like a Jedi power is in me…hehe.

You can also set up a different background lighting color for your incoming call list. There are 3 choices, which are Lucid Blue (friends and family), Spring Rose (maybe your boy friend or special one..) and Mysterious Black (someone you hate..just kidding)..It’s up to you to decide which color setting is for who.

The Specification On The Sony Ericsson T707:

Band : GSM 850/900/1800/1900 & UMTS 2100

Measurements : 93 x 50 x 14.1mm

Weight : 95g

Screen (Internal) : 2.2 inch TFT 262144 color, 240 x 320 pixels resolution

Screen (External) : Monochrome OLED, 128 x 36 pixels

Talk Time : 10 hours

Standby Time : 400 hours

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