website design mistakes that affect business
Every business nowadays has an online presence. Companies, no matter what their size is, are willing to invest in good designers and web development team to reach their customers. The design of your online presence can do wonders to promote your products and support marketing strategies. Experts say that the design and presentation of a website plays an important role in how a brand is perceived by its consumers. Wherever you advertise, people will first check out the website of the advertised product for more information and this information will eventually transform into purchase decisions. For all this to happen, you need to ensure that the design of your company website is free from at least the following five errors:

1. Not valuing good content

A website is only as good as its content. It happens commonly that entrepreneurs spend a lot of money in developing a sleek website but assume that content is just a space filler. This mistake costs them heavily because content is the best way to engage visitors and improve conversion rates. The most important website ranking criteria for search engines is the quality of the website content.

not content optimize

2. Using free designs

Just like your business is unique, your web design should also be unique and this is where a web design agency comes in. Sure, there are plenty of free website builders offering “drag-and-drop” options that promise a new website in few minutes. However, the problem with these free services is that they gradually lead to serious performance problems. The best idea is to hire a professional and experienced website designer who can design a unique website that represents your brand and company values.

3. Not fixing broken links

Broken links are those hyperlinks that do lead to nothing when you click on them or direct you to a page that says, ‘404 error pages’/‘Page not found’. If a company can’t come through on something as important (yet as easy) as keeping the website complete with all links working, how will they come through on the quality of products they are promising? Make sure that you frequently run tests on the website to spot and fix these bad links.

4. Outdated information

There is no excuse for not updating the website regularly but many companies do not bother to keep the site updated with latest information and content. Frequent checks on the website not only keep it accurate, but also reduce risks of cybersecurity attacks.

5. Not attending to analytics

not using analytics
A dangerous yet common mistake often spotted in small businesses is the absence of settings for website analytics through popular programs like Google Analytics. Companies either reject this setting while commissioning the design or ignore the use of analytics even after the designer has installed the settings properly. Analytics help you understand your online customer and their preferences. With analytics, a company can identify poorly performing pages, collect customer data, spot conversion flows and send messages to customers effectively. When analytics are monitored regularly, it goes a long way in building effective marketing strategies for the products and brand loyalty.

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