what you need for efficient home office
In the 21st century, setting up a home office, and turning your back on the daily rat-race couldn’t be easier. A spare room in the house would be ideal. Failing that, re-arrange the furniture in lounge or bedroom. Buy a computer desk and chair, and a couple of folding room dividers. Just enough to separate your office space from the rest of the room. So, we’ve got the space, what about equipment?


A shared family computer is not going to do it. You need your own computer which meets your business needs. With our throwaway society causing major pollution concerns, some of the biggest names in computers like Microsoft and Dell are backing refurbished machines via their approved agents. In many cases, these high-end fully refurbished machines will cost less than half the price of new.

Hi-Speed Internet Access

While your normal family package may seem quite adequate now, you’ve got to think of a few weeks or months down the line. Times when the kids are on holiday and want to stream movies on a wet day, while your partner wants to stream the football game, and you’re struggling to finish a rush job you took on as a favor. Save yourself the frayed nerves, and upgrade from the start.


Obviously the software you require will depend to a large extent on your occupation. Have a chat with the suppliers when you order your refurbed laptop. In many instances they may be able to supply your machine with the required software fully loaded. With your machine loaded strictly for business, the kids will have no inclination to boot it up while you’re preparing the evening meal.

Surge Protector

surge protector
Whether you live in the UK or US, Europe or Australia, you run the risk of a power surge. Today’s circuit breakers often won’t detect that slight voltage spike, but it will be enough to damage beyond repair motherboards and other hardware. Fitting a sensitive surge protector between your wall socket and laptop will ensure laptop and other hardware remain safe.

Backup Drive or Personal Server

There are unlimited options when it comes to backing up your data files. CDs, DVDs, memory sticks, external hard drives, solid state drives, and cloud storage may suffice for most. For those with more sensitive data, or who prefer a greater level of security, VPS hosting may be the way to go.

Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS)

If you’re running a laptop you may feel the machine’s battery will be enough to allow you to close files and shut down should you suffer a power outage. If however, you’re running a desktop, and live in an area that regularly suffers electrical failures; you may want to consider the benefits of UPS.

Cordless Phone

cordless phone
Mixing business and social communication is never a good idea. Don’t rely on the family landline, or even your cutting edge smartphone. PMC Telecom has a fantastic range of desktop cordless phones you can use for business – all over the house.