why aws software training important for project managers
Are you familiar with the Amazon Web Services platform? This subsidiary of Amazon has made a boom in the IT world by providing web services to both individuals and businesses, such as storage, messaging, analytics, payment, computing, and mobile-networking services.

Owing to its popularity, many people have become interested in starting a career as AWS developers, administrators, and engineers. Nevertheless, such profitable careers are solely feasible for individuals that have acquired a certificate in Amazon Web Services.

Take a look at the main reasons this software training triggers the interest of project managers.

Cloud computing has increased in popularity

Perhaps one of the main benefits of obtaining AWS certification is the incredible popularity of cloud computing technology. Most businesses have started investing in such technology due to its affordable and advanced character. Cloud platforms enable companies of all sizes to use their powerful features regardless. Go to this page to learn more about the types and advantages of cloud computing.

Furthermore, this technology continues to evolve, thus encouraging an increasing number of companies to make an investment. Consequently, becoming certified in AWS increases the likelihood of working for some of these companies, assisting them in the management and system operation of their AWS cloud.

Demand for AWS experts

demand for aws expert
Given the fast market expansion of Amazon Web Services, it’s no wonder the demand for AWS professionals keeps increasing. Trainees are provided with a selection of five certification types, each providing a different level of expertise.

For instance, one can become a candidate for an associate or professional Certified Solution Architect. The former requires applicants to be experienced in application and system design on the Amazon Web Services platform, whereas the latter requires not only experience but proficient technical skills as well. Being a professional Certified Solution Architect means earning a higher salary and having a better reputation in the industry.

Moreover, individuals that are interested in developing and maintaining applications are encouraged to enroll in a course for AWS certified developer. Nowadays, there is a variety of approved AWS training providers to choose from, offering a range of courses taught by licensed instructors. Acquiring a developer certification means one is an expert in code writing and using software development kits.

Aspiring Amazon Web Services professionals can also become Certified SysOps Administrators as long as they are capable of managing and operating this platform successfully. The most advanced training level is the Certified DevOps Engineer certification, which requires applicants to have acquired either Certified Developer or Certified SysOps Administration level. Obtaining such a certificate can help you earn the highest salary, as DevOps Engineers are expected to be familiar with every tool, method, and process of the platform.

amazon web service software training
Additionally, after passing the certification exam, one is obliged to reclaim its AWS certification every two years, which speaks volumes about the expertise of these professionals. The exams are designed to test both knowledge and practical skills, hence requiring careful preparation.

Higher salary

Another reason why project managers consider investing in this type of software training is the opportunity to earn higher salaries. Professionals equipped with Amazon Web Services certification are known to receive higher annual salaries in comparison with the ones that haven’t invested in such a course.

Considering the never-ending AWS market expansion, these salaries are expected to rise even further. Therefore, investing your budget and time in one of the courses will result in a high return on investment. If your current salary fails to meet your expectations, consider investing your budget in this thriving program.

Improve your resume

An AWS certification is an excellent addition to one’s resume, making a job candidate more appealing in the eyes of employers. If you’re often not even invited to interviews, this certificate will make sure you get invited in most cases. Although no certificate can guarantee a job, it will undoubtedly increase the chances of getting one. Make sure you visit the following link, https://www.thebalancecareers.com/easy-steps-to-improve-resume-1987046, to learn some helpful tips about improving your resume with five easy steps.

Final thoughts

Obtaining such a certificate will improve your resume and widen the choice of job opportunities.

An investment in one’s education is always worthwhile!