why logojoy is the best free logo designing serviceA professional logo is the most important aspect of a brand identity. And a professional logo is that which is unique and professional at the same time. A good logo is unique, stands out, and is memorable. By looking at a logo and its design you can tell how serious a business is about branding.

For example; you cannot expect a hospital logo to be funny. The logo should reveal the identity of your business and use colours, fonts and shapes which are appropriate.

Who needs the logo?

Every business needs a logo. Professionals spend days or even weeks to create a professional, unique and attractive logo. And because of the value of the logo, designers are being paid huge money for their work.

A professional logo designer does a lot of research before actually creating a logo for his own business or the business of his client.

I have used various tools to design logos for my clients. Recently I have used an online logo maker service called “LogoJoy”. I have found that Logojoy makes logo making a really easy job, even for non-designers.

What is Logojoy?

Logojoy is a Toronto-based popular online logo designing service. It was founded in 2016 to help professionals design quality logos at a cost they could afford and without having to interact with a person. Because of its mind-blowing approach, Logojoy has generated Millions of logos to date.

Logojoy makes it easy and fun to create logos. It has been featured on very popular sites such as Creative review, LifeHacker, TechCrunch etc.

Why should you use Logojoy?

Logojoy uses artificial intelligence to help a designer generate premium quality logos, so every logo is unique. You can easily generate logos that are 10 times cheaper than using any other premium logo making service.

With the help of its various color options, icons, and inspirations you can design jaw-dropping logos, and only pay for the service if you find a logo you love.

It is a complete DIY logo designing solution. It now only offers premium logo making service but you can also generate free logos using this service in no time.

It’s Logo Inspiration Gallery also inspires you a lot and gives you an idea of what type of logo you can generate using this service.

How to use Logojoy to design logo?

  • Choose 5 design styles
  • Choose the color palette(s) you want to use
  • Choose Icons you want to use in your logo designs
  • Now check the designed logo and edit as you see fit

Logojoy Affiliate program:

Logojoy doesn’t just help you design a professional logo but it also helps you to to make money with its affiliate program.

Logojoy’s affiliate program offers $20/sale. They claim that their affiliates are making up to $5000/month. It also offers $100 bonus once your earnings reach $1000. You can also make money when your referral buys a logo from Logojoy.

According to my experience, Logojoy is a complete logo designing solution not just for professional designers but also for non-designers and I highly recommend it.