why men love big booty

Have you heard of the division between breast and butt men? These others seem to be in a slight majority if you look at the statistics on live cam websites. Search results speak in favor of booty fans. It may not sound so unusual to you since different people like different things. But big butt is something that excites many and to which most viewers are not immune.

Even in a world of online sex, big booty is well-appreciated. A well-endowed woman sure will turn on any man, even if she’s a cam performer and a guy is just a viewer. Cam models can do many things with their booties that drive men crazy.

Cam models with plump behinds are in high demand. Most viewers check out the big butts and enjoy watching curvy ladies doing whatever they ask for. The ample curves of sexy performers certainly leave no one indifferent. And you wonder why?

Symbol of Sexuality

So why do men love big booty? Because it’s an essential element of a woman’s sexuality. A nicely rounded bottom can look great on a woman. The female curves are well defined when a woman puts on those extra pounds. These are what make them goddesses.

Curvy women have always been considered the sexiest women, and there’s no reason why men shouldn’t fall for them today. Although some beauty standards changed a bit, the love and admiration for a massive female rear end remain.

Viewers will well appreciate those ‘generous’ ladies willing to show their buttocks in front of the camera. Big sexy booty is a perfect way for cam models to spice up their performances. They feel confident about themselves and their bodies. That’s what guys like about performers who are well-endowed in their lower-back area.

It Drives Nasty Thoughts

why men love big booty1

It’s simple as that – for most men, a nice pair of buttocks is a call for sex. Most men love big booty because it’s something that leaves them tingling and excited. Some will be intrigued by nudity, while others will be aroused by the mere hint of curves under their clothes.

On the following source you can see whether guys really think of sex all the time:


Big booty is a perfect sex trigger. If you just came to a webcam platform to relax and enjoy the show, a well-endowed model can make you go wild. Even if you can’t enjoy these soft buttocks in person, experienced performers can make their show so realistic that you’ll get the idea of touching them.

Everyone Like Forbidden Fruit

Guys often want what they can’t have. For many, going to the woman’s rear end is a mission impossible. Sure, girls mostly fly guys to grab, cuddle, and play with their buttocks, but nothing more than that. Ladies prefer the front when guys use the front entrance (if you know what we mean).

That is why men are excited by the very thought of entering from the back. If I can’t have it ‘at home,’ they’ll look it up online. Sexy cam models are here to take their atmosphere to a whole new level. With a little imagination, stories, and even some sex toys, visiting a live cam website will be an unforgettable experience.

It Looks Good

Guys fantasize about having sex with such girls. Worship of the lower part of the female body also has some scientific roots (which you can learn more about at this source). Still, most men will agree that the main reason for such affection for a big butt is actually that it looks good.

Most guys love ladies who take care of themselves, especially when it comes to their bodies. When a woman has a big, round butt, it’s a clear sign for a guy that she works out and sweat her behind in the gym (or that she has great genetics). That’s why most curvy women look attractive, healthy, and well-cared.

With so many live cam websites available today, it’s easy to find great big sexy women to do their magic for your eyes. A big butt is a common male fantasy; when they can have it, at least they can watch it. So you have nothing to be ashamed of. Find the right curvy lady and enjoy.