why retro video games still popular
No matter how realistic the newest generation of video games are, there is still a place for those retro console games from the 80’s.

In fact, those games are still as popular as ever. Their low fi graphics, tinny music and simple stories are beloved by millions today just as they were decades ago.

While people are still spending tons of money on expensive games, the old timers are still chugging along.

Why are they still popular?

Let’s take a look and see if we can get to the bottom of it.

DIY aesthetic

There is something charming about the look of the old school video games. The graphics almost look like you could do it yourself. In fact, there are many people out there making their own version of those timeless classics.

Taking a look at sites like Octotube, it’s clear that just about anybody with some imagination can recreate the look of those old games. They are fun to play and are something different from the new, over the top look of the new generation of video games.

Uncomplicated to play

Some people just really hate how big of a learning curve there is with the new controls. There are so many combinations of buttons required that it gets overwhelming. Using a simple Nintendo controller is a breath of fresh air after trying to figure out how to shoot and duck at the same time on Call of Duty.

The directive is also very simple. You’re mainly going from left to right across the screen. You know where to focus your attention so you don’t get overwhelmed.

It’s still a challenge

retro games harder to beat
Though the game may be more straightforward and the controller easier to manage, those old games are not easy to beat.

Even kids that are incredible at something like Fortnight may throw their controller at the monitor in frustration when Kid Icarus gets turned into an eggplant for the hundredth time.

A sense of camaraderie

Arcades were very popular and are starting to make a comeback as a place for kids to get together and do their favorite thing. Play video games. Playing online may have its own sense of community but there is nothing like the action of a real, live venue full of excited kids and adults with all the lights and sounds.


Many people that grew up with hose games int he 80’s have kids of their own now. And when now they can play those old games with their kids. This is a fun way to bond and relive the glory days all over again.

retro game consoles
When your kid can see you having fun and be able to share in the experience you had when you were their age, it adds a lot to the enjoyment.

And there was a ton of variety with those old games. Some titles may be forgotten but as soon as you find your old favorite again it all comes right back.