Why Was Crysis So Influential In the Gaming World?

If you know anything about video games, you’ve probably heard the name Crysis mentioned on more than one occasion. Today the game is spoken about as some sort of mythical, almost legendary entity; a monument to the progression of the video game industry.

But why exactly was Crysis such a big deal? More importantly; does it still hold up today?

An Explosive Entrance

Take a look at a screenshot of Crysis now, and remind yourself that this was a game released in 2007. Yes, it still looks pretty damn impressive today, standing as testimony to just how much could be done with technology that is over a decade old.

Why was, and still is, Crysis such a big deal? Because it was an example of what happened when a developer set out to make the best looking game possible, completely disregarding any other factor. Naturally, the final product was widely accepted as the best looking game of all time, a reputation that lasted for a significant number of years.

However, all this visual prowess came with drawbacks. Crysis was also recognized as a title that barely ran on any system at all.

Not to worry, today we have things like instant gaming sites, and they not only look good, they also run on almost any device, desktop or mobile.

A Resource Hog

On release, Crysis demanded the best of the best computer to run. Without top of the range hardware, the graphics chugged, frames were dropped, and in some cases, the performance was so low as to make the experience abysmal.

But this demanding nature only served to make the game all the more legendary. Do you have a computer that can run Crysis? Probably not. So the incredible visuals of the game, plus its almost unrealistic demand on hardware, somehow only served to make it a more desirable product to own.


So it certainly looked good, and does still look good, but was it actually a good game?

Those who enjoy the Farcry games that are still being released today will be very familiar with Crysis style gameplay. Most of the Farcry gameplay elements were, after all, directly taken from Crysis, which demonstrates that the game wasn’t just good in terms of graphics.

Sure, by today’s standards the 2007 release is certainly a little rough around the edges. But look beyond the goofy AI of the enemies and there is still a ton of fun to be had. Sneaking through jungles, picking off enemies with silenced rifles, and juggling suit powers is an alluring prospect, and even today it is enjoyable to jump back in and do a bit of silent murdering.

Is The Franchise Dead?

Crysis 3, which released back in 2013, is the last real entry into the series. Crysis: Remastered did get pushed out in 2020, but most fans were disappointed by the lackluster effort.

But Crytek, the developers behind the phenomenon, is still going strong today, however, and chances are they will be keen to keep their most well-known product alive.