Wood Cases for Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus

Looking for a lit accessory for your Samsung smartphone? Instead of going for boring plastic or silicone cases, you may treat yourself with a wooden case that is possible to engrave or personalize for your liking. Choose it as a gift for all the upcoming holidays as well.

Why Choose Wood Case?

Wood cases for Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus are custom-made by craftsmen who treat all wooden parts with natural oil, and wax which both guarantee pleasant touch, and durable servicing. Only 100% natural wood, with a rubber bumper case, is used. To provide you with the utmost screen protection, every wood case has a raised lip on the front, while all ports of your Samsung remain unrestricted including camera, headphones, and speakers ports. Compared to simple plastic cases, wood cases won’t differ much in terms of lightweight. They are also ultra-slim, so you will experience the only comfort when carrying your smartphone.

The surprises do not limit on the above-said, as a wood case for Samsung Galaxy models may be engraved with your photo, favorite date, initials, logo among others. Only you decide on the design and then forward it to professionals who meet all your requirements. The result will exceed all your expectations, as no one will have the same case, and the same design. You literally carry a piece of our nature in your pocket.


Finally, a wood case might be an excellent choice as a gift for your beloved ones, friends, partners, or family. Instead of presenting flowers, or any other classical stuff, a wood case may show your care. The same procedure for custom design applies here, you choose the photo of your friend or partner, and ask it to be engraved.

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